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SWIMMR is a swimwear brand created by two best friends Chloe & Molly in 2018. Both founders pursued careers in fashion buying after graduating from university and have always aspired to start a business together eventually. Both co-founders love to travel, so they understand the struggle of finding that bikini for your holiday that not only looks great, but will compliment your figure & support you properly without breaking the bank!

C: “We were both super fed up of the lack of swimwear options. Being a cup size E, it is always such a struggle to find swimwear that fits me properly and still looks good! I would end up ordering loads of swimsuits online to prepare for my trips and always be disappointed that none of them support me properly and many brands really over charge for a basic bikini!… So we decided to make our own.”

M: “We both have completely different body types which is great! (Chloe is much larger on top so she understands the support top heavy women need. I am much smaller on top but bigger on my bottom and love my curves so I want to enhance these features!) So together we make a great team and worked together to get the perfect fits. We have paid attention to all the little style details we think make a huge difference. I hope that every will feel great in our bikinis, as they will enhance your natural body shape and hopefully women’s confidence!”



Our swimwear tops are sized by cup sizing for a perfect fit (from UK sizing A-E cup). Our bottoms are all Brazilian style with curved hems to compliment the natural shape of your booty. The side of our bottoms are all high-rise to accentuate your legs, whilst the low cut at the front will elongate your torso. Sounds simple, but we know it makes all the difference!

Our suits are designed at our homes in London and made in a female run factory in China by a lady named Emily (who is super sweet, we are just obsessed!). We take great pride in sourcing only the best fabrics from reputable companies who we work with very closely and that we trust. Our fabrics are super soft, yet firm to ensure we can provide support in all the right places and offer exceptional quality.

We pride ourselves on being involved in the development process from the beginning initial sketches, sample development, fabric and colour selection to the final fit sessions. Every sample that is received we will scrutinise time and time again and we ask all our friends and customers for on-going feedback. We love for those with all different body types to try our suits, because we believe even the smallest tweaks make the biggest difference in complementing different body types.

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